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Friday, 7 March 2014

Get IP address of an user even if he is using proxy

In Last post,i have shown you how to get IP address of an user in simple manner
But it won't work in case the user is using proxy......

But still there is a way to fetch User IP even if  User using a proxy .

Here We Go :

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to get IP address of user in PHP

Some time you guys may think, How, websites know about your location or google analytic distinguish different user on internet Or locate your location . this all happen due to your IP address .
IP stands for Internet Protocol .

What is IP address?

Simply, It is an Unique number assigned to each device( like PC,printer,router etc. ) in a computer network.
It is just like address or identity in network .

To get the IP address of a visitor to your website .

Run a PHP program on your web server .

PHP Program :

Friday, 28 February 2014

PHP crash course -4 ( GET POST & REQUEST function )

We Know PHP is server side language i.e. it execute on server . NOW  user have to insert a data and you have to send this data to server where your PHP code complete operation on that data Then send it back to User . The Problem is How to send this data for this purpose PHP have two Inbuilt feature . They are two Predefined function GET & POST .

Now See How they Work .

First of all make a form which take input Like Name & age. Bye user .
A sample Form for GET method :

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

PHP crash course -3

IN this section we will discuss about array in PHP . which is quit similar to list in Python .

What is an array : A variable is storage area holding a number or text . But the problem is variable can hold only one value at a time .
So an array is a special variable ,which can store multiple values in single variable .  

There are three type of  array in PHP : 
                * Numeric array : an array with numeric index .
                *Associative array : An array where each ID key is associative with a value .
                * Multidimensional Array :  An array containing one or more array .

Saturday, 11 January 2014

PHP crash course -2

In this section we are going to discuss logic & loping in PHP . 

The if....Else statements :

Similar  to C program if ... else statements 
condition statements are used to perform different actions based on different condition.

 If statement :Use this to execute some code only if specify condition is true.
 If...Else statement : Use this condition to execute some code when condition is true & another code when condition is false .

PHP crash course -1

                 PHP stands for HYPERTEXT PREPROCESSOR  

Short Introduction to PHP

  • php IS A SERVER scripting language like ASP
  • php script are executed on server
  • It support many databases like MYSQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, ODBC etc..
  • php is an open source software  

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  • PHP runs on different platform (windows,Linux,UNIX,etc)
  • compatible with almost all servers used in Nowdays
  • FREE available
  • easy to learn 
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