Friday, 11 March 2016

Easiest way to create android supported hotspot in Linuxmint/Ubuntu/debian

This approach doesn't require any additional tools. You can easily create access point that can be use by any mobile devices.

Just fallow these simple steps:

  1. menu>preferences>network connections
    linux mint network connections

  2. click add >> then choose wifi >> create, Then edit connection name ="codecops" , SSID="your desired name for wifi", mode="infrastructure" , then go to wifi security and security="wap 2 personal" and choose password then move to Ipv4 window and choose method = "shared to other computer" then save .
    wifi hotspot in linux

    access point in linux

    access point in linux

  3. final step :  sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/connection_name (in our photo example "Sid").
    then  change mode=infrastructure to mode=ap and save it.

  4. You are done with settings now start. Goto>menu>preferences>wifi>connect to hidden network>select your connection name you just created> click on connect, Done :)
    linux create hotspot supported by android


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