Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Best way to download file in Mint/Ubuntu ..

Linux (Debian/Mint/Ubuntu) provide really very powerful tools for lots of things. Download is a common thing that we use in daily life.
Linux provide a very powerful command line tool  that really enhance our download experience.
It is very powerful and very convenient.  Introducing to you "wget" commond.

  1. Simple download : wget  <Download link>
  2. Resume download : wget -c <download link>
  3. Specify location where you need to save file : wget -p <path> <link>
  4. change the name of output file :wget -O <new_name.mp4> <link>
  5. Run download in background : wget -b <Download link>
  6.  If unreliable networks, you might want to limit the number of retries with -t option :wget -t 5 <link>
  7. Download Website for local viewing: wget -rk <website link>

These are just quick boost up to wget. It also have lots of other feature but we limit this post to basics we need know for daily work.

Thanks, Hope you like this tooL 


  1. Nice, Thanks dude for Quick notes

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