Saturday, 19 September 2015

Easieast Way to create Access Point Hotspot in Ubuntu 15.04

Creating Hotspot in Ubuntu is easier task . But many people (beginners) find hard to cerate hotspot access point to connect other devices like Android phone,tablets etc.

So , I gonna so you A graphical way To do it very easily.

  1. Download kde-nm-connection-editor (Plasma-nm) from Ubuntu Software center. kde-nm-connection-editor. (you may not directly find it in software search so follow link given, or you may search and install plasma-nm)
    kde-nm-connection-editor link

  2. Open Terminal and type : 
    sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/kde5-nm-connection-editor.desktop 
    Then comment line containing NoDisplay=true  by adding # before it.
  3. Now search and Open   kde5-nm-connection-editor
  4. If unable to find kde5-nm-connection-editor then check your previous steps.
  5. Now goto connections>add>>wifi(shared)
    Create Access point
    Modify Connection name and SSID according to you
  6. move to wifi security choose wap2 personal and set password for connection.
    Add security
Then Select Ok And you are Done

Now start Hotspot 

Goto>> connect to Hidden Wi-fi Network

create hotspot in ubuntu
choose Network you just created from drop down list
Create hotspot
Add caption

 Click on Connect

Thats it , Enjoy

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