Saturday, 29 August 2015

Auto Key Cipher

It is a very simple poly alphabetic cipher. In this cipher previous character of plain text used as key for encryption of next character using shift ( Caesar )cipher. And  for encryption of first character of plain text we use predetermine value secretly agreed upon by both communicator.

Python Sorce code :

    1. __auther__=''
    2. __email__=''
    3. #Auto Key Cipher
    4. def AutoKeyCipher(plainText,key):
    5.     #Auto Key Cipher
    6.     #only for Cpital letter
    7.     plainText=plainText.upper()
    8.     plainText=plainText.replace(' ','')
    9.     cipher=[]
    10.     #special case for 1st char
    11.     #print key
    12.     key=int(key)%26
    13.     cipher.append(chr(((ord(plainText[0])-65)+key)%26 +65))
    14.     for i in range(1,len(plainText)):
    15.         key=ord(plainText[i-1])-ord('A')
    16.         cipher.append(chr((((ord(plainText[i])-65)+key)%26 +65)))
    17.     return "".join(cipher)
    18. if __name__=="__main__":
    19.     #plT=raw_input("plainText : ")
    20.     plT='Attack is today'
    21.     key=raw_input("Key (int): ")
    22.     print AutoKeyCipher(plT,key)
    23. #

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