Friday, 3 April 2015

How to Crack password of protected zip file

Prerequisite :

  • Kali Linux or Backtrack or Cyborg Linux or any other Linux with fcrackzip installed

Process :

  • Open Terminal
  • go to directory containing compressed password protected zip file using " cd commond "
  • Enter command
fcrackzip -b -c 'aA1!' -l 1-5 -u
Now for efficient use of this commons we need to understand it
  •  -b  stands for Apply brute force 
  •  -c 'aA1!' says possible character set of possword is a-z ,A-Z, 0-9 & all special symbols
      Here we need to understand less number of character set faster will be possibility retrieving password so if you know password only include character from a-z than replace it with  -c 'a' , & if you know password may contain a-z or A-Z or 0-9 than replace it with  -c 'aA1' 
  •  -l 1-5 says possible length of password here it may be 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. if you know password may be of length 5 or 6 or 7 than replace commend by   -l 5-7 then it does not check for password of another length hence make retrieval faster
  • -u  it is just password protected zip file name

 Lets See an Example

Our zip file name is "" and its password is "test"
since here character set include a-z only so we will  use -c 'a' to get result as fast as we can using brute force.
Cracking Password protected Zip

Another Example
 Our Zip file name is "" and its password is "Test"
since here character set include a-z and A-Z  but not numeric & symbols so we will use -c 'aA' and for length we can use  -l 4-5 since  we know password size is of length 4 .
Cracking Password protected Zip

Enjoy :)
Thank U

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