Sunday, 13 July 2014

Floyd's Triangle

Floyd's Triangle :

2  3
4  5  6
7  8  9  10
and so on ..

Python 2.7 code to print Floyd Triangle :

  1. # Floyd's triangle
  2. #
  3. if __name__=='__main__'#check for namespace
  4.     row = int(raw_input('Enter Number of row of floyd triangeyou wanna print : '))
  5.     x=1 #initiate from x=1
  7.     for i in range(1,row+1):  #this will create floyd triange
  8.         st=''    
  9.         for j in range(i):
  10.             st=st+' '+str(x)
  11.             x +=1
  12.         print st

Floyd triangle in Python


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